Volume 5 Issue 7 (July 2017)

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It’s well known that play is an important part of healthy development, even into adulthood. But this month we’re given a window onto a darker side of play: under the influence of sexual abuse, play can become a deceptive fantasy that creates compulsions, dissociations, and even the epigenetic transmission of incest from one generation to another. In a disturbing, yet moving, case study, Terry Marks-Tarlow illustrates how self-deceptive fantasy play is fostered as a defence mechanism, giving us insights into some of the therapy she has used with her client.
Our second feature this issue has psychologist James Alexander offer us some clear and useful information on getting enough sleep – relevant for client and therapist alike. Sleep, as research continues to reveal, is vital to physical and emotional well-being, and lack of it gives rise to a plethora of problems. James looks at the activity cycle of our brains and why pharmaceutical drugs to help us sleep may not be such a good idea. He also gives us some practical tips on how to address anxieties that come when we have trouble getting to sleep.
The Spotlight this month falls on Maria Kostyanaya, a psychologist working in the Queensland prison system. And as is our passion, we continue to bring you news from around the world, wherever neuroscience is informing psychotherapy.
I do hope you enjoy this issue.



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I Am an Avatar of Myself: Fantasy, Trauma, and Self-deception

Using neurobiology to help explore deception in nature and self-deception in human beings. Some activities may appear playful but lack the hallmark qualities of play such as equality, mutual pleasure, and voluntarism can prove to be psychologically destructive.

Terry Marks-Tarlow

Getting the Z’s You Want: Sleep Sense in the 21st Century

Exploring the importance of sleep, the cycles of the brain, and some helpful tips on overcoming the anxiety of not being able to get enough sleep.

James Alexander


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