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Content Submissions Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in writing for The Neuropsychotherapist. We are catering to a broad cross-section of the medical/social science fields in an integrative approach to theory and practice of mind/brain/relational therapy. Most of our readers will be professionals in the areas of neuroscience, psychology, sociology, and related modes of therapy and intervention. Some of our readers will not be practicing in these areas, but are simply interested in the mind and human behaviour. Our content, therefore, is written in an intelligent, properly referenced, yet accessible manner for a broad audience.

What we are looking for?

Your article should be clearly articulated, original, insightful, and properly referenced where applicable (APA style for references). You should avoid niche specific jargon that would be difficult to understand by an intelligent reader from another field of expertise. We value both informal journalistic styles as well as  research paper styles—be aware, however, that a very specialised research paper may be relatively incomprehensible by a general reader and so a journalistic summary of the research would better cater to our readership. Formal research papers can be submitted to our Journal. Articles that include personal experiences of the clinician, educator, or scientist, are often more engaging than just data about a particular experiment or theory—especially given a broad readership.

If you article is a case study then identifying information of clients and case material must be sufficiently changed to protect confidentiality and privacy of all involved. The Neuropsychotherapist will not be held liable for any breaches of confidentiality or privacy, this is the responsibility of the author.

Areas we cover:


Feature articles can be on any subject related to Neuropsychotherapy, psychotherapy, psychology, or neuroscience that would be applicable to clinical practice. There will be two features published each month and a summary of the article published on the website. We will be looking for a broad selection of topics for each quarters publication.


There are a number of departments in the journal covering specialised fields and specific interests. These departments will feature short, informal journalism on a particular topic and are somewhere between 500-1000 words in length. The departments are: Neuroscience; Mechanisms of Change; Integration; Speculation; Applied Neuropsychotherapy; Brain, Mind & Consciousness; Spotlight (focus on an individual); and Speculation. Departmental content will be highlighted on the website. It is suggested that you read a few of the latest issues to get a feel for what we are publishing.

There are also ‘Regular’ items including News in Brief, Research Front,  Book Reviews, Prefrontal Muse, and Last Word. In general most material for these sections will be sought by one of our editors assigned to these sections.

Finally blog style content is displayed on the website under any of the above subjects, but is not published in the magazine.

Submission Process

Feature Articles: Please email a brief summary of your article (not the whole article) and a brief biography to [email protected] Let us know if your article has been previously published online, in print, or elsewhere. If you have been published elsewhere make sure you have the rights or permission to re-publish that particular article. If your article is of interest to us, one of our staff editors will get back to you via email. If we are interested in publishing your article, there will be a process of editing and revising in which we will collaborate with you via email to arrive at a high quality article with the appropriate ‘fit’ for our readership.

Successful submissions will need to complete a  publishing agreement

(Please note that we will endeavour to respond to everyone who makes a submission, but this cannot be guaranteed depending on the volume of submissions)

Departments: Please email your article to the [email protected] along with a brief biography (name, letters, professional position & activities). One of our staff editors will respond to you if the article is what we are looking for.

Blogs: Email us and introduce yourself. Let us know your credentials, a brief biography, what your particular interest is, and an example of your writing (no longer than a typical blog post). We would like our selected bloggers to have a long-term commitment (at least 12 months) of blogging at least once a month on their topic of interest. This provides our readers with some consistency and you, as an author, time to develop a following. The Editor retains the right to terminate any blogger, should there be a compelling reason to do so.

Journal Submissions

The International Journal of Neuropsychotherapy is looking for formal research papers directly related to Neuropsychotherapy. More specifically, papers directly related to neurological/biological underpinnings of psychopathology and directed toward therapeutic relevance/application. Also papers with a biopsychosocial orientation looking to broaden and enhance therapeutic effectiveness through a multidisciplinary awareness of relevant contemporary research.

For further details go to the Journal Submissions Page.


Contributors to our magazine, journal and/or website must be willing to sign our publishing agreement you will find the  PDF here that needs to be signed and returned

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