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The Neuropsychotherapist Vol 5 Issue 9

The Neuropsychotherapist

Volume 6 Issue 7, July 2018

Addiction | Left/Right Hemispheres

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Smartphone use linked to behavioral problems in kids

Teens who spend lots of time using digital devices are prone to psychiatric problems, reports a team of scientists in a new study. Children who are heavy users of digital devices are twice as likely as infrequent users to show symptoms of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), the study finds.

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Basic Principles of Mental Functioning

  • The Basic Elements of Neuropsychotherapy Theory
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Deb Dana

Members: Click on the image to download the PDF Deb Dana, LCSW, is a clinician and consultant specializing in working with complex trauma and Coordinator of the Traumatic Stress Research Consortium at the Kinsey Institute, Indiana University. She developed the Rhythm...

Podcast 1

The Science of Psychotherapy Podcast #1 For more long form podcasts go to Shrink Rap Radio:...

Volume 6 Issue 7 Short Reading Course

Volume 6 Issue 7 short reading course Addiction; Left and Right Hemispheres (1 hour) In this course you will learn: The nature of addiction and why it should be considered a disease Insights from an addiction specialist The nature of the left and right hemispheres How...

Neuroscience 101

Neuroscience 101 video course with Richard Hill The Basics of Brain Architecture (1.5 hours) In this course you will learn: Early development of the brain from in utero to early life stages. The “directional” language used in brain description. The importance and...

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