The brain detects disease in others even before it breaks out

The human brain is much better than previously thought at discovering and avoiding disease, a new study led by researchers at Karolinska Institutet in Sweden reports. Our sense of vision and smell alone are enough to make us aware that someone has a disease even...

A Brief Review of the Best Apps

Members Download:  TNPTVol5Issue6pp8-13 Smartphone technology has been increasingly used in the medical field and is currently rising in the field of behavioral health. Some behavioral health interventions include addressing substance abuse (Bernhardt et al., 2009;...

It’s Not the Stress You Feel, It’s the Stress You Don’t

Members Download:  TNPTVol5Issue6pp34-53 No-one can live without experiencing some type of stress all the time. You may think that only serious disease or intensive physical or mental injury can cause stress. This is false. Crossing a busy intersection, exposure to a...
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