Unexpected discovery gives new model for studying brain networks

The same kind of neurons can have completely different wiring diagrams in the rat and mouse, as mice lack intercellular molecular channels known as gap junctions, researchers at Karolinska Institutet report in the scientific journal eLife. The unexpected discovery gives the researchers a new model for studying the role of gap junctions in the brain.

Misophonia – when certain sounds drive you crazy

What happens when you hear someone do any of the following: smacking their lips while eating, slurping drinks, breathing, yawning, sniffling, humming, tapping their fingers, typing or texting with the keyboard clicks switched on?

Volume 6 Issue 5 Short Reading Course

Volume 6 Issue 5 short reading course Neuro-Narrative Therapy; A New Connection Between Stress and Cancer, and a Psychosocial Genomic Approach to Therapy (1 hour) In this course you will learn: The history and attitudes of narrative therapy as the modality comes to...

The Neuropsychotherapist Volume 6 Issue 5

THE NEUROPSYCHOTHERAPIST Volume 6 Issue 5 (May 2018) ISSN 2201-9529 Members Download: NPTV6I5 Content It’s always hard to believe, when May comes around, that nearly half the year has passed. Time is a tempestuous concept that follows us about and can take us by...

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