Smartphone use linked to behavioral problems in kids

Teens who spend lots of time using digital devices are prone to psychiatric problems, reports a team of scientists in a new study. Children who are heavy users of digital devices are twice as likely as infrequent users to show symptoms of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), the study finds.

Opioid epidemic responses overlook gender

Health experts warn that current efforts to confront the growth of opioid addiction and overdose deaths must better incorporate an understanding of how women fit into this epidemic.

Compounds found in green tea, wine may block toxic metabolites

EGCG and tannic acid, polyphenols found in green tea and red wine, may help to effectively block the formation of toxic amyloid structures, researchers report. The findings may pave the way to developing new treatments for amyloid-related neurodegenerative disorders and genetic metabolic disorders.

Stress Really Can Make Young Adults Feel Older

Researchers say stress plays a significant role in how old young adults feel. The study reveals stressful events above the norm can make emerging adults feel at least one year older than they are.

Volume 6 Issue 7 Short Reading Course

Volume 6 Issue 7 short reading course Addiction; Left and Right Hemispheres (1 hour) In this course you will learn: The nature of addiction and why it should be considered a disease Insights from an addiction specialist The nature of the left and right hemispheres How...

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