The International Journal of Neuropsychotherapy

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IJNPT Volume 1, 2013

ISSN 2202-7653 | doi: 10.12744/ijnpt.2013 | Volume 1 Landing Page

Volume 1, Issue 1

1. Inaugural Editorial Statement – Pieter Rossouw 2. Defining Bullying: The Role of Neurobiological Markers - Pieter Rossouw 9. Epigenetics: The Dogma Defying Discovery That Genes Learn From Experience Haley Peckham 21. The Therapeutic Alliance: Exploring the Concept of “Safety” From a Neuropsychotherapeutic Perspective -Kobie Allison & Pieter Rossouw   Single PDF of volume 1, issue 1.

Volume 1, Issue 2

31. Givers and Takers: Clinical Biopsychological Perspectives on Relationship Behavior Patterns Robert A. Moss 47. Alexander Luria – life, research and contribution to neuroscience – Maria Ilmarovna Kostyanaya & Pieter Rossouw 56. A Clinical Biopsychological Theory of Loss-related Depression Robert A. Moss   Single PDF of volume 1, issue 2.

A Quantum Field Theory of Neuropsychotherapy

A Quantum Field Theory of Neuropsychotherapy: Semantic Mind–Brain Maps and the Quantum Qualia of Consciousness Ernest Lawrence Rossi and Kathryn Lane Rossi   Cite as: Rossi, E. L., & Rossi, K. L. (2016). A quantum field theory of neuropsychotherapy: Semantic...

The Predictive 6-Factor Resilience Scale

The Predictive 6-Factor Resilience Scale: Neurobiological Fundamentals and Organizational Application   Pieter J. Rossouw and Jurie G. Rossouw Abstract Psychological resilience is currently viewed as primarily a mental construct, with few measurement scales...


International Journal of Neuropsychotherapy Volume 4, 2016 ISSN 2202-7653 doi: 10.12744/ijnpt.2016     Volume 4 Content Issue 1 1. Internet-based Interactions and Psychological Wellness: Implications on Interpersonal Responses to Hypothetical Situations...

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