Questions about subscription/membership

How Do I Re-Subscribe?

  1. You can re-subscribe, if you haven’t selected an automatic renewal, by going again to our subscription page

2. Click on the PayPal button and you will be taken to our PayPal portal where you can log in - or if you don’t have a PayPal account simply select the option below the LogIn button (you don’t need a PayPal account, just a credit card)…

3. Once you are logged in you can review your purchase…

4. Then complete your PayPal transaction and you will be taken back to the registration page on our site…


5. Because you have registered you can click on the “I have an existing account” button and put in your existing username and password…

6. If all is successful then you will be directed to our thank you page…

Lastly you should get a few emails from PayPal letting you know of your purchase. One of these will be letting you know that you have set up an automatic payment (unless you deselected the default option during the purchase) and it will look like the image below. You can cancel the automatic renewal at any time, but remember that the automatic renewal will keep your renewal at the same price you started, even if we increase the price as years go on…

What does a subscription get me?

Subscription membership includes our monthly eMagazine (including all archives) & access to our community forum.

Our magazine has feature articles from leading experts, news, reviews, and department columns on a wide range of subjects relevant to the progressive psychotherapist and integrative health care professional. While a member you have access to the complete archive of Members Only material including all of our magazine issues. You will also be part of our members only community to learn and share with other mental health professionals.

The Neuropsychotherapist eMagazine is presented as a digital online version and a downloadable PDF. These are interactive PDFs, so you can turn off the “image” layers to print just the text if you are reading the magazine in Adobe Reader.

At the moment we are not producing a physical hard-copy of the magazine but are considering a year book of our best articles as a hard-copy product that would be sold to members at a discounted price.

How do I cancel the automatic renewal?

You can cancel the automatic renewal from your PayPal account if you have one. Otherwise we can do that for you. Be aware, however, that if you want to renew again it will be at whatever current price is - for auto-renewed customers the price remains the same for as long as the auto-renewing continues.

What is the iTunes subscription and how is different to site membership?

The iTunes subscription is separate to the membership subscription on our website.

You can subscribe to our magazine on the iTunes Newsstand with a month-to-month subscription plan or just purchase one issue to check us out.

Please note that the Newsstand subscription is completely separate to subscribing to our website – you will not have member access to this website archive and community with only an iTunes subscription.

However, you may appreciate the automation and convenience of an iTunes subscription to have the magazine delivered to your iPad, rather than having to manually transfer it to your iPad reader as you would with a membership subscription to this website.

I have paid my subscription but don't have login details.

If you have paid your subscription through PayPal you should be redirected back to our registration page where you will need to complete the registration form. There will also be a confirmation email which you will have to respond to.

If you do not get redirected back to a registration page and have received no confirmation email, please submit a support ticket here so we can help you complete the registration process.

I'm not getting an email response from you! - Why not?

We always respond to all enquiries, but our response may have been marked as “junk” and filtered out. If you are not getting a response from us, let us know through our support ticketing system and we can send you a response from an alternative email address that is less likely to be marked as spam or junk.

Questions about content

I would like to contribute to the forum and be part of the online community.

The community (online forum/group space we host here) is for the following people:

  • subscribers to The Neuropsychotherapist,
  • Students of The Neuropsychotherapy Institute
  • Members of The International Association of Clinical Neuropsychotherapy

If you are part of these organisations and don’t have access please send in a support ticket alerting us to the fact and we will set you up with access to the community. If you are not part of these groups we would encourage you to subscribe to The Neuropsychotherapist as the community is part of that package.

Where do I find submission details?

Aim, Scope, and Submission details for IJNPT and the magazine can be found at

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