Truly Mindful Coloring:

Stay Calm, Reduce Stress, & Self-Express
Terry Marks-Tarlow, PhD
Foreward by Daniel J. Siegel, MD

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We live in a world often filled with words, spending much of our time thinking about things, and taking in the array of auditory and visual stimuli that fill our senses with never-ending input. Imagine taking a big breath, pausing, and finding a way of being that offers a complementary approach to our lives. In your hands you have just such a pathway to a new way of seeing and being: Terry Marks-Tarlow’s Truly Mindful Coloring is truly wonderful—filled with wonder.

Whether you use this for your own mindful explorations, or help guide others in individual, couples or group therapy settings, the invitation is the same: Being mindful involves distinguishing a sensory stream of awareness, an observational one, a conceptual one, and even a large overarching knowing one. These distinctions free the mind to become more integrated as we learn to take these differentiated elements of mental life and link them to each other. An integrated mind is the basis of well-being.

For anyone on a journey to become more present, these entries and their drawings invite a powerful integration of the four streams of awareness. We take in the sensory fullness of the drawings and let that sit within our being. We soak in the observational stance of what these words invite us to reflect upon, observing, witnessing and even narrating their meaning in our lives. And we have a deep conceptual stream that arises, both from the poetic phrases and the fabulous figures, as we permit a deep sense of knowing to arise. Sensation, observation, conceptualizing, and knowing—these are the differentiated ways of sensing the world that are distinguished and then linked within this wonderful experience.

Truly Mindful Coloring invites us to create a mindful experience as we integrate our minds to create more well-being for ourselves and others. Soak in this experience – its words of wisdom and playful and profound figures – as you dive into the immersion that awaits. The only intentions you need to invite yourself to create are the gifts of time, the gifts of freedom to express and explore, and the gift of letting things simply emerge. Let the presents of these gifts be the presence of mind at the heart of well-being in our individual lives and our collective relationships with each other, and with life itself.

—Daniel J. Siegel, MD

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