Volume 4 Issue 6 (June 2016)

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There seems to be a divide between the neat and discrete DSM diagnostic categories we learned at university and the more complex group of symptoms we observe in the client who is sitting in front of us. This divide is perhaps most evident in mood disorders, where the symptoms are difficult to pin down. The client seems to be mostly this . . . but with a bit of that . . . and not exactly as the manual describes. On this note, we have a timely contribution by mood disorder expert James Phelps, “Bipolar or Borderline (or PTSD or ADHD)? Managing Difficult Distinctions and Comorbidities”, in which Phelps introduces us to some of the complexities of dealing with a spectrum (or continuum) of symptoms in a medical system entrenched in categorical diagnoses.

This month also we share the latest thoughts of Stanley Keleman in “Embodying Experience: A Transcendent Journey”, which brings us up to date on his long-standing work concerning the life of the body and how action is connected to feeling, describing the inseparable and vital influence muscular–skeletal movement and the cortex have on our affect, behaviour, and memory. Reading this article, we come to understand how “embodying experiences and the rebodying of motor acts and experiences”—a process that can be learned by voluntary effort—ultimately defines the bigger picture of inter- and intra-personal relating.

Continuing our journey through the basics of brain science, in the next instalment of “The Psychotherapist’s Essential Guide to the Brain” we start to survey the neural underpinnings of anxiety and fear—a very large topic that we will introduce over the next few issues.

Finally, I would like to encourage members who have subscribed through our website to visit The Neuropsychotherapist forum area. Beyond merely a magazine, we want to foster a community of mental health professionals that can draw on the collective wisdom of peers. So please bring your questions, comments, and answers to our online community forum for a richer neuropsychotherapist experience.


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Bipolar or Borderline (or PTSD or ADHD)? Managing Difficult Distinctions and Comorbidities

An introduction to the complexities of dealing with a spectrum of symptoms in a medical system entrenched in categorical diagnosis.  Dr. Phelps considers the overlaps in diagnostic criteria and offers a practical take at treatment options inspite of the diagnostic confusion.

James Phelps

Embodying Experience: A Transcendent Journey

Stanley Keleman, the founder of Formative Psychology, brings us up to date with his latest thoughts on the embodiment of emotions, feeling, and thoughts. He introduces 5 steps to accessing life experiences that lead to creativity, satisfaction, and ultimately maturity.

Stanley Keleman


  • Neuroscience - The Psychotherapist’s Essential Guide to the Brain Part 5
  • Research News - Focus on The University of Oxford

39 pages


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