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Dr. Georg Northoff

The Neuropsychotherapist? Nomen est omen! This is a unique and exciting journal for both clinicians and basic clinical scientists. It focuses on a gap in the current literature and our knowledge, the step from the brain to psychotherapy. Hence it is right there where the action is, at the forefront of novel neuropsychotherapetic developments.

Canada Research Chair for Mind, Brain Imaging, and Neuroethics; The Michael Smith Chair for Neuroscience and Mental Health at University of Ottawa Institute of Mental Health Research

Dr. David Van Nuys

The Neruopsychotherapist has become my go-to destination for authoritative articles by the leading figures at the intersection of neuroscience and psychotherapy.  Beyond this, the outstanding production qualities of this journal put it in a class of its own.

Creator & Host of Shrink Rap Radio; Emeritus Professor of Psychology

Dr. Pieter Rossouw

The Neuropsychotherapist provides cutting edge information on developments and research in the field. High quality information is beautifully presented and as such activates both hemispheres of the brain – a reading experience in the true sense of the word!

Director of Mediros Clinical Solutions & The Neuropsychotherapy Institute & the BrainGRO Institute; President of the Association of Clinical Neuropsychotherapy

Bruce Ecker

Psychotherapists may feel thrilled or threatened by how the clinical field is being reshaped by infusions of brain science, and various types of influence are unfolding.  I urge all of my therapist colleagues to read The Neuropsychotherapist to help them understand these ongoing developments and follow their own best growth trajectory.  The articles are engaging conceptually, stylistically and visually.  The Neuropsychotherapist is a major resource.

Bruce Ecker, MA, LMFT: Co-director, Coherence Psychology Institute and co-author, Unlocking the Emotional Brain and the Coherence Therapy Practice Manual.

Prof. Todd Feinberg

The Neuropsychotherapist is a joy to view and at the same time manages to provide a veritable cornucopia of up-to-the minute of information on our growing knowledge of the in interface between the brain, behavior, and the therapy. Presented in accessible language for therapists and scientists alike, it is a remarkable addition to our field!

Professor of Psychiatry and Neurology Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Chief, Yarmon Neurobehavior and Alzheimer’s Disease Center Mount Sinai Beth Israel New York, N.Y.

We are your online source for news and information about the emerging field of Neuropsychotherapy and its community of professionals.

We aim to bring together researchers and practitioners in this multi-disciplinary field to share their latest findings and experiences.

The healing art of psychotherapy is underpinned by good science, and we want to present the very best of that science to you.  Neuropsychotherapy is a practical recognition of the consilience between the sciences of our physical, mental and social lives – a “biopsychosocial” paradigm.  Our hope is that you will find the news, reviews, and latest research from these complementary fields both engaging and helpful to your research and practice in this very exciting time.
We are also aiming to create an accessible and educational portal for the general public to promote what we believe to be a highly practical and effective perspective on mental health care. Please contact us if you are involved in any area associated with neuropsychotherapy and would like to submit material for publication on this website.
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