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“Spirituality” is a term that can vary in its definition according to the user (Rose, 2001). It is often attached to religious practices, but mostly to aspects relating to a non-material world. I suggest that spirituality cannot be an exclusive term, despite the fact that it is often used in that way (York, 2001). I believe that spirituality is a term that refers to a quality rather than a quantity. In the same way that the mind is about a quality related to having a brain, spirituality is a quality related to material existence and, therefore, applies to everything. There can be no exception to inclusion. I suggest that spirituality is the term that encompasses the abstract nature of the connection and integration of all things. I suggest that “spiritual practice” encompasses the activities engaged in by people to enable conscious awareness of connection and to enhance the experience of the connective process, leading to even deeper levels of interaction and integration. Mindfulness is certainly one such practice…

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