There have been a few books in my journey as a psychotherapist that have had a significant impact on me such as The Science of the Art of Psychotherapy by Schore, The Developing Mind by Siegel, Unlocking the Emotional Brain by Ecker, Ticic, & Hulley and The Neuroscience of Psychotherapy by Cozolino. This later book is now in it’s third edition with new material on altruism, executive function, trauma, and change.

As you will hear in the interview below with Louis Cozolino, the additions and changes in this third edition are an attempt to keep up with the rapidly expanding knowledge base in neuroscience. Cozolino does a wonderful job in keeping us informed with his very well cited works and this third edition is a welcome addition to my bookshelf.

When I manage to get some breathing space I’ll write you a review on the new edition with a few of the valuable insights I’ve managed to glean from this important work.

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