The Neuropsychotherapy Institute

The Neuropsychotherapy Institute site has been launched!

The Neuropsychotherapist and Mediros have joined forces to produce a new online training platform to deliver courses directly related to psychotherapy with a neurobiological perspective.

The Neuropsychotherapy Institute

This learning platform has been created for psychotherapists, psychologists, and other mental health professionals, to educate them in the new paradigm of neuropsychotherapy for more effective clinical practice.

It can be a challenge, or even impossible, to attend continuing education workshops or conferences. Time and costs can be prohibitive for the busy clinician. We understand this, having conducted workshops for many years and listened to your feedback about access to professional development material. We have developed this online learning platform to addresses these issues and delivers to you the continuing education you need, without the time and cost commitments typically demanded from live events. Our course units deliver video presentations that have been developed specifically for this online learning platform – they are not simply a recycled live event. We have endeavoured to give you a concise and fluid delivery of the essential information you need to understand the subject being studied.  Our elegantly produced presentations should be engaging and fun for you to watch, and you can go back over the presentation as many times as it takes to understand the material.

Neuropsychotherapy is a multidisciplinary perspective on mental well-being that looks to neuroscience and other related fields of human biology and psychology to enhance the clinical practice of talking therapies. The Neuropsychotherapy Institute will provide you with a sound foundational understanding of the neurobiology of mental life and how that knowledge can inform psychotherapy and increase the effectiveness of your practice. The Institute offers courses on a Continuing Education or Professional Development credit basis as each unit keeps you up-to-date with the latest science and practice of psychotherapy.

The Neuropsychotherapy Institute

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