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Inflammation in the brain

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    Richard Hill

    There is a lot of concern about the affects of bodily inflammation on brain function and subsequent mood, behaviour and resilience. Although there are a lot of complex issues with excessive adipose tissue - body fat - recent research shows poor functioning in the brain in people who are overweight The usefulness of this paper may not be in the specific issues with obesity although that is a concern, but it gives more insight into the way the brain responds in the face of inflammatory chemicals in the system The research shows that white matter is negatively affected in people who are carrying extra weight. Whether this is also the case for people carrying low grade infections would be interesting. The other important thing is to be reminded of the interplay between the immune system and brain functioning and brain development.

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    This is really interesting Richard and I’d love to know more. I will be looking for more experts in the areas of inflammation and mental health as I’m reading more and more about this as a critical issue for mental well being. One of the orthomolecular experts we have had in the magazine (I can’t remember which one) said in effect that if you don’t die of trauma then it’s likely to be from inflammation.

    Anyway, appreciate you highlighting this for us.

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