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Our readership are the reason we exist as a publication and our first priority is to deliver the best content to them in an accessible and beautiful way. We don’t just want subscribers, we want a community of people who are engaged with us on a deeper level so, together, we can shape the future of mental health in a positive and significant way.  For this reason we are developing a dynamically engaging platform of social media, web presence, and Journal while encouraging all to be involved on whatever level they can.

What We Look Like

We are using a popular style and interface to connect professionals to solid scientific studies, news and information. Unlike a traditional scientific journal that publishes peer reviewed papers in a specific niche of science, we are providing a broader banquet of information that includes standard scientific papers, as well as a wealth of other useful information such as news, reviews, interviews, and so on.

We think that our mix of popular style magazine, online blogging , news, events, articles, and our formal scientific journal, gives a broad and interesting mix of delivery modes. Engaging people on these different levels, we think, will open up the field of neuropsychotherapy to a large number of psychotherapist who are interested in expanding their knowledge of therapeutic theory and practice. Sometimes a casual magazine article can open up a whole new world of possibilities and ways of thinking, as much as a detailed technical journal entry can substantiate a cutting edge theory. We want to be involved at all levels.

Our Journal & Magazine

The International Journal of Neuropsychotherapy (IJNPT) is an eJournal for scholarly papers related to Neuropsychotherapy. This journal will be progressively published at a frequency dependent on the submissions we receive. Presentation will be typical of scientific journals and will be open access for all to read.

Our Magazine is a digital publication available each quarter. It is engaging, bold, full of colour and images, and delivered in an interactive PDF format that means you can do things like turn off the images if you want to save ink when printing, or jump around the document using hyperlinks or connect to a website directly from the article.

Our Website

The website is full of interesting and useful information with news, calendar events, articles, listing, as well as the depository for our journal issues. Various experts post information about what’s happening in their particular field and the general public can interact with us by commenting on certain posts. There are two levels of access to our website: General public access that gives a wealth of information about Neuropsychotherapy, blogs, articles, etc; and a ‘Member Subscriber’ access that gives the member access to all the public information as well as all issues of the journal and additional bonus articles and material.

It’s A Facebook World

Our most dynamic level of engagement with readers, and a very good source of statistical information about them, comes from our Facebook presence.  New posts and articles are publicised on Facebook to draw attention to the website and journal.

Target Audience

Our primary target audience are those in the health care industries and more specifically psychotherapists, neurologists, psychologist, and obviously anyone who would consider themselves interested in a ‘Neuropsychotherapy’ view of mental health.  We draw these people from targeted advertising on Facebook, advertising at industry specific conferences, web advertising, and direct contact with institutions, universities, and associations.  We have been in a position, with low overhead costs, to attract a readership in a naturally organic, word-of-mouth, manner.

Here is a brief breakdown of the various categories of readers we are targeting:


Public sector researchers who are working in government organisations, or the education system in the areas of human functioning and behaviour that has bearing on psychotherapy are a primary target audience for us. Similarly private sector researchers involved in areas that touch on biopsychosocial aspects of humanity are also being targeted by us.


Of particular interest to us as both audience and contributors, are those educators who are shaping the minds of the next generation of therapists. Their influence on the future of our mental health is obviously extremely important and we would like to have their attention as well as hearing their stories.


Psychologists, Neurologists, Psychiatrists, General Practitioners, Counsellors/Psychotherapists, Social Workers, and on the list goes of those who are at the coal face of therapeutic intervention and are a key target audience for our publication. For the most part we will be reaching out to these clinicians through their perspective associations.


Undergraduates and postgraduates in the fields of mental health and human biology are also ones we are targeting as both part of our readership and, in the case of postgraduates, content providers.

PDF-s The Neuropsychotherapist Media Kit

Magazine Advertising

We believe our platform (both the quarterly eMagazine and website) provides a focused point of contact for mental health professionals, especially those in the fields of psychotherapy, counselling, clinical psychology, and neuroscience. This audience is highly correlated with interested in science, nature, politics, religion, non-profit, technology and the education fields. We have a global reach with an audience that is above average in education and income.

Mag Rates


Web Advertising

Advertising can be purchased on a quarterly (3 monthly) basis. The quarterly rate is calculated by the average page views per month (we take this value to estimate our impressions per month - CPM) and is explained further below.

Right Column Ads

These ads are displayed on the right info column of most pages and posts. This is the place for maximum exposure.
216 x 144 px        $5.00 CPM
216 x 288 px        $9.00 CPM
216 x 432 px        $13.50 CPM
216 x  576 px       $17.00 CPM

Left Column Ads

These ads are placed on the left side of most posts and some pages. For the most active parts of the site (new post items) this area is as visible as the right column, but because there are a few, less visited pages, that do not have this info column (like this page you are on right now), the rate is reduced per equivalent area of ad space.
144 x 72 px           $1.65 CPM
144 x 144 px          $3.00 CPM
144 x 216 px           $4.05 CPM
144 x 288 px          $5.70 CPM
144 x 432 px          $7.65 CPM


pageviewscreenshotThe number of page impressions per month to calculate the CPM rate will be taken by the previous months site statistics displayed on the independent monitor Quantcast. The number of monthly page views is summarised below the main bank of charts (see screenshot to the right).

Example of Charges: If the previous months page views is 8,680, as in the example to the right, then to calculate a monthly rate multiply the CPM figure by 8.68 (for the 144×144 px left banner it would be $3 x 8.68 = $26.04/month). This is then further multiplied by 3 to get the quarterly rate ($26.04 x 3 = $78.12/Q). When the quarter expires the rate will be reassessed and the new charge will be payable to continue the ad.

All charges are in Australian dollars (an Australian dollar is usually slightly less than USD, for currency conversion go to and payment is made to our PayPal account.

Site Statistics

Unique Global People Visits/Month

Global Web Traffic Frequency

USA Demographics

The data below compares audience composition (USA population only represented here) of this site to each platform population. The higher the index number, the more concentrated the property is in a particular demographic.

As an example, if a property indexes 100 for age 18-24, that means a given visitor to it is as likely to be 18-24 as any internet user chosen at random. An index of 200 means the visitor is twice as likely to be 18-24, 50 means half as likely, and so on.






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