Emotional Restructuring

Emotional Restructuring Clinical Biological Perspective on Brain Involvement Robert Moss & Christine Mahan doi: 10.12744/tnpt(5)054-065 Subscribers Download Article  Emotional Restructuring Not a subscriber? Click here to get your PDF copy. There is a growing...

Can Empathy Be Taught? – Robert Moss

Robert Moss Big Question “Can Empathy Be Taught?”   For anyone who has done clinical supervision of graduate students, there is no doubt that there are wide variations in the “natural” abilities of students to utilize warmth, genuineness, and empathy in therapy...

Gamma-band Synchronization & Cortical Columns

Gamma-band Synchronization & Cortical Columns Robert Moss Gamma-band synchronization has been an area of interest as a psychophysical hypothesis in perceptual binding since the late 1980’s (Fries, 2009) We recently suggested an alternative interpretation as to how...
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