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Clinical Biopsychological Approach

The Clinical Biopsychological Approach has its neurophysiological and neuropsychological bases in the Dimensional Systems Model of higher cognitive functioning. It represents a brain-based psychotherapy integration approach that explains the impact of...

The Dimensional Systems Model

The Dimensional Systems Model explains higher cortical functions on the basis of cortical columns that serve as the basic information unit. Although the original theory was developed in 1984, it was considered too speculative and untestable by peer reviewers. However,...

Mice Provide Insight Into Genetics of Autism Spectrum Disorders

While the definitive causes remain unclear, several genetic and environmental factors increase the likelihood of autism spectrum disorder, or ASD, a group of conditions covering a “spectrum” of symptoms, skills and levels of disability. Taking advantage of advances in...

Brains Evolved to Need Exercise

Exercise significantly benefits brain structure and function, likely because of how we evolved as physically active hunter-gatherers, according to a new model proposed by UA researchers.

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