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Vol 4 issue 4, April 2016

Quantum Thoughts


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The International Journal of Neuropsychotherapy is our open access journal for health care professionals.


The Neuropsychotherapist  eMagazine – science informing psychotherapy.

Can People Change?

Can People Change? How to Change a 3-Part Habit Loop David Kavanagh If you look back at your life do you see yourself pretty much the same — older, and maybe a little wiser — or do you see significant change over the years? It is a truism — at least in Western...

Psychosocial Genomic Perspectives

Psychosocial Genomic Perspectives for the Neuropsychotherapist: How Quantum Field Theory Optimizes Neuropsychotherapy by Ernest & Kathryn Rossi

Change The Music - Psychothearpy & Brain Vibrations

Quantum vibrations of the brain may hold keys for effective psychotherapy by Stuart Hameroff

A Quantum Leap In Our Thinking

Richard Hill introduces us to the complexities of deeper thinking about the brain and psychotherapy according to Ernest and Kathryn Rossi.

The Psychotherapist's Essential Guide To The Brain Part 3

Part 3 of our survey of the brain for psychotherapists, this month looking at the neocortex.

Keep an eye on The Neuropsychotherapist for the integration of cutting edge science with mental health treatment and diagnosis as we push the envelope of theoretical synthesis and scientific consilience.

Dr. Louis Cozolino

Professor of psychology at Pepperdine University; private practitioner; author of The Healthy Aging Brain, The Neuroscience of Human Relationships, The Neuroscience of Psychotherapy, and The Making of a Therapist.

The Neuropsychotherapist? Nomen est omen! This is a unique and exciting journal for both clinicians and basic clinical scientists. It focuses on a gap in the current literature and our knowledge, the step from the brain to psychotherapy. Hence it is right there where the action is, at the forefront of novel neuropsychotherapetic developments.

Dr. Georg Northoff

Canada Research Chair for Mind, Brain Imaging, and Neuroethics; The Michael Smith Chair for Neuroscience and Mental Health at University of Ottawa Institute of Mental Health Research

The Neuropsychotherapist provides cutting edge information on developments and research in the field. High quality information is beautifully presented and as such activates both hemispheres of the brain – a reading experience in the true sense of the word!

Dr. Pieter Rossouw

Director of Mediros Clinical Solutions & The Neuropsychotherapy Institute & the BrainGRO Institute; President of the Association of Clinical Neuropsychotherapy

The Neruopsychotherapist has become my go-to destination for authoritative articles by the leading figures at the intersection of neuroscience and psychotherapy.  Beyond this, the outstanding production qualities of this journal put it in a class of its own.

Dr. David Van Nuys

Creator & Host of Shrink Rap Radio; Emeritus Professor of Psychology

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