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The International Journal of Neuropsychotherapy (IJNPT) is a peer reviewed, open access journal about the science behind effective psychotherapy.

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Report #49

This week Dr. Dave talks to Samuel Kimbles, Ph.D. is a Jungian Analyst who has served as president of the S.F. Jung Institute and author of Phantom Narratives: The Unseen Contributions of Culture To Psyche. Here is an introduction to that interview… You can find...

Weekly Report #48

Richard Hill talks about the ultradian 90-120 minute cycle prompted by an article in the Sydney University magazine In the Black by Thea O’Connor. Article: Thea O’Connor, (Sept, 2014) What’s so special about the 90-minute mark?, In The Black, Sydney...

Depression, Anxiety and Telomeres

Telomeres are the protective cap at the end of chromosomes that protect the integrity of the chromosome end. You might think of it like a band at the end of a plait of hair that stops the plait from unravelling during the activity of the day. Telomeres are more like a...

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International Journal of Neuropsychotherapy Volume 2, 2014 ISSN 2202-7653 doi: 10.12744/ijnpt.2014     Volume 2 Content Issue 1 1. Editorial Statement – Pieter Rossouw 2. A Four-Stage Hierarchical Model of Image Construction and Drawing Production:...

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