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Training for the neuropsychotherapist

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These video courses provide a multidisciplinary perspective on mental health with applications for clinical practice. Content is delivered via video presentations and true/false and multiple-choice questions throughout each course giving learners the opportunity to test their understanding.

Continuing education requirements vary across countries, states, and organizations, so you will need to check with your organization to determine the eligibility of courses for CEU/PD credit.

Cortical Regions

  • The general functions of the regions of the neocortex
  • 1 hour
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Basic Principles of Mental Functioning

  • The Basic Elements of Neuropsychotherapy Theory
  • 1.5 hours
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Neuroscience 101

Video courses coming soon….

Limbic System & functions

Genetics & Epigenetics

Neurons and Glia

Basic divisions of the brain

Cortical systems and functions

Neurotransmitters and hormones

Heart rate variability and the heart-brain connection

Gut health and the gut-brain connection

Affect regulation

Memory and memory reconsolidation


Brain waves

Quantum theory and the study of the mind

The concept of "integration" in mental health


Orthomolecular medicine and mental health

Psychopathology - Depression

Psychopathology - Anxiety

Psychopathology - Borderline Personality Disorder

Psychopathology - OCD

Psychopathology - Addiction

Psychopathology - Anorexia

Psychopathology - Other Eating disorders

Psychopathology - PTSD

Psychopathology - DID

Psychopathology - Self harm

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