Get the most out of your affiliate partnership with some of these tips:


Let your friends and colleagues know about a new article, blog, or our site in general in an email with your affiliate links in the body of the email. You can generate your links from the first page of your affiliate dashboard “Affiliate URLs”.



Blog about an article from our magazine or something else you have found interesting. Use your unique affiliate links in the blog, or use a banner (found on the  “Creatives” page of your affiliate dashboard) to point people to the article. You can let people know that if they don’t already subscribe that you will earn a commission if they use your link to subscribe.

Social Media

Let your social network know about something about our site, and article, a blog, start a conversation about some piece of content and link to that page using your unique affiliate URL generated on the first page of your affiliate dashboard.

Get educated by one of the best...

Pat Flynn is an expert at passive income strategies like affiliate marketing. Check out some of his blogs and podcasts on affiliate marketing to maximise your earning potential.

Talk to us about strategic ideas...

Talk to us about your ideas and strategies – as an affiliate we are partners and we want to see you maximise your income. We can give you ideas and feedback about what you are, or propose, to do in terms of pointing potential subscribers to our site.