Volume 4 Issue 8 (August 2016)

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I believe that some of the people most motivated in the search for new things, or new ways of combining old things, are those with a deeply personal need to meet. This is certainly true of Leanne Kidd, who has travelled a long journey of personal discovery and recovery—gleaning gems from a multitude of experts in trauma therapy along the way. She shares her journey and the insight she has gained in our first feature this month, “Mind–Body Integration: The Recoding Process”. With Leanne’s permission I have included my own notes for additional scientific understanding and references.
In this issue we also present the concluding half of Haley Peckham’s first-hand report on the 2016 Childhood Trauma Conference. Haley relates inspiring contributions from Vittorio Gallese, Stephen Porges, Sue Carter, Jon Baylin, and Dan Hughes. I must confess, after reading her account of the conference I was disappointed I couldn’t have been there myself. Our appreciation goes to Haley for taking the time to share the highlights with us all.
Advancing in our series The Psychotherapist’s Essential Guide to the Brain, we give our attention this month to neurochemicals. Safe to say, these are not often at the forefront of the psychotherapist’s mind (depending on your definition of mind!). Yet neurochemicals constitute an essential part of our clients’ mental function. We consider the major chemicals that keep our central nervous system working, so therapists can gain a more comprehensive grasp of clients’ behaviour, medication, and therapy.
…And The Last Word this month goes to Dr. David Van Nuys. Dr. Dave highlights the special need of teenage brains for adults to respond in love, not judgement, to youthful misadventures.



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Mind/Body Integration: The Recoding Process

Through and experiential journey to discover her own path toward healing, Leanne Kidd uncovers mind/body keys to recovery. Out of her discoveries she has developed the recoding process—a cognitive/somatic approach for those who have suffered trauma. Drawing on a collective wisdom from trauma specialists, Leanne steps us through her technique.

Leanne Kidd

Report on the 2016 Childhood Trauma Conference (Part 2)

Haley Peckham reports on the second Childhood Trauma Conference that took place in Melbourne, Australia, in June. In this second part of her report Haley relates inspiring contributions from Vittorio Gallese, Stephen Porges, Sue Carter, Jon Baylin, and Dan Hughes.

Haley Peckham


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